The Bottomless Pi T. January 19, 2016

"I asked my sister to frame a painting for me as a Christmas present. It was a watercolor on rather thin paper. To make matters worse, I was given the painting folded, not rolled up in a tube. I didn't trust Michael's for something this fragile and irreplaceable. Eventually she decided to call in the professionals, Clayton Valley Frameworks. They selected the perfect complementary background, flattened the painting so the creases are hard to see, and it looks great. Clayton Valley Frameworks did an outstanding job!"
Jody - Andy T November 17, 2015

"I bought this picture in Mexico and really liked it. After I owned it awhile realized the frame quality wasn't as good as the piece of art. So, I took it to have it professionally framed. The woman that helped me was great. She suggested this frame and the matting. All I did was ask to have the glass upgraded. I wish I had taken a picture of the before product to post here, but here is the finished product. When I picked the photograph up, an Uber driver was with me. I don't think he was into art too much. I didn't ask his opinion, but when he saw the framed picture, he said "wow. That is nice". A worker in the store looked at it and said "That is a masterpiece". I am clearly biased but agree with him. I love it."
Mike F October 29, 2015

"First I want to thank the staff at CVF, their work is the very best I have seen. I brought in a jersey to be framed at Michael's and it was not worth the price I paid at all. I found CVF and took my item in to be fixed and these guys listened to me and what I got back was exactly what I had in mind for my jersey. DO NOT GO TO Michael's if you want your investment to look its best take it here. I wont take my work anywhere else, these people care about their customers and the work they produce is amazing."
Barbra R August 11, 2015

"I have been framing at CVF since the 80's and they have never failed me. The staff is excellent and Craig's expertise cannot be compared. So whether you have a simple project or a complex one this is the place to go! Frame what you love with Craig and you will cherish it forever!"
Christopher C August 4, 2015

"What a craftsman! Came to our home to look at a damaged heirloom frame. Despite its old age and unusual frame, Clayton Valley Frameworks was able to fix it up to look fantastic. We are very pleased with their work and service. Definitely will use them again!"
Emily L June 8, 2015

"I had a great experience with this store- they gave a great price on my custom matting and then put everything together for me. They really listened to my budget needs. I plan on using them for everything!"